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Our Services
Transportation Services All Across the Country of Israel

Doron Tour Buses
Doron Tour Buses offers a large range of vehicles, which includes buses, midbuses, minibuses, vans, and luxurious VIP Vehicles, that are at your service for any cause or event.

Our Services

1. Transportation Services All Across the Country of Israel:

Doron Tour Buses offers an extensive transportation network for traveling all across Israel. We specialize in providing transportation services to groups of all sizes, private customers, business delegations, and governmental organizations. Doron Tour Buses provides its services all throughout the country, from the north to the south of Israel.

We offer guided tours, with a close guidance in various languages, which include accommodations, based on your budget.

Doron Tour Buses is a highly experienced company in the various fields of transportation, and it operates in the private and business sectors in Israel. It provides, among many other services, transportation services, student transports, and transportation services to the burial locations of biblical and religious figures. Our additional unique transportation services include; transportation services to festivals, transportation services to Jerusalem, for an amazing Bar Mitzvah ceremony with your entire family, at the Western Wall, and transportation services for companies' fun and bonding days out of the office.
We invite you to enjoy the beauty of Israel, and the endless possibilities it has to offer, together with us!

2. VIP Transportation Services for Companies and Businesses:

Doron Tour Buses offers a selection of unique transportation solutions for companies and businesses. You can order daily transportation services, which include the pickup of individual guests or groups from a hotel to a workplace, and back to their hotel. The workers of your company or business will enjoy a safe ride by a luxurious minibus, or a comfortable deluxe bus, where they could rest, chat, listen to some music, and even watch a movie, during their ride.

It is important for us to inform you that Doron Tour Buses uniqueness is its ability to provide a 24/7 service, including last minute transportation services, during the weekends and holidays.
Another unique service which Doron Tour Buses offers is transportation services for fun and bonding days out of the office for your company's employees. You could start your day of fun at our bus or minibus, with an enjoyable social activity, or by listening to one of our tour guides, and even a stop at a local café for some treats on your way.

If you are planning an event or a bonding day for your employees and management, we welcome you to consult with us. You can request additional services, such as reserving a table at a restaurant, ordering entrance tickets to different locations, recommendations for traveling tracks and tourists' attractions, and many other services.
Doron Tour Buses provides VIP Transportation Services for tourists, business men and women from abroad, and families. Those services are for customers who are interested in traveling in prestigious and luxurious vehicles of 12 to 20 passengers. We work in collaboration with leading Israeli production companies, and provide transportation services to many artists and companies, that host business men and women and entrepreneurs from around the world.

3. Transportation Services for Private Customers:

Doron Tour Buses provides a professional service in a wide variety of fields, to our many regular and occasional private customers. We have a fleet of buses, minibuses, and many other vehicles, which are all new and luxurious, and most are equipped with multimedia systems. 

We welcome you to enjoy a selection of transportation services at wonderful prices. You can order transportation services for events, such as a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, a birthday party, or any other family event.

Moreover, Doron Tour Buses specializes in providing transportation services to families who are having a Bar Mitzvah ceremony in Jerusalem, transportation services to the burial locations of biblical and religious figures, to the Dead Sea, or any other location in Israel. Private customers enjoy professional transportation services and a kind and knowledgeable driver; the customers are well taken care of, in terms of safety, and are provided with the highest level of service.

4. Transportation Services from and to Israeli Airports:

At Doron Tour Buses we offer you quick and comfortable means of transportation to and from Israeli airports. We are at your service 24/7, with a variety of vehicles, suitable for private customers, groups, and VIP's. We are committed to providing you with a personalized and rapid transportation service, from and to any Israeli airport. If needed and requested, our staff would wait for your guests at the airport with a welcome sign, and supply them with cold beverages and snacks, which would wait for them in the pickup vehicle. It is our pleasure to make sure your guests' stay is as enjoyable as possible, and that their arrival and departure would be without any delays.

5. Boutique Trips:

We have the option, at Doron Tour Buses, to customize a boutique trip, especially for you, based on your own preferences, limitations, and budget. Your boutique trip will be planned up to its finest details, with the help of our professional staff, who would be happy to help you design your very own dream vacation. We can assist you with setting a reservation to a hotel, where you could fully indulge, reserve a table for you, at Israel's most recommended restaurants and bars, and even arrange a weekend in amazing villas all across the country, suitable for families, youngsters, groups and couples. We welcome you to contact us and enjoy the most luxurious and indulging service Doron Tour Buses has to offer. It is a dream vacation, designed based on your specific requests, because we believe there is no one vacation that suits all, and we at Doron Tour Buses will plan the vacation that would perfect for you!
Please rake a look at the following example of one of the many indulging weekends we have to offer:

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